Akiko Sensei Festival of Cultures 2020

Saturday, March 28, 2020 – 2 – 4pm, Douglas School

 as a performer, emcee, “ambassador” and/or volunteer.

The Akiko Sensei Festival of Cultures will be organized at Douglas for the Douglas community to celebrate our rich cultural diversity.  

Families and kids volunteer to host a table or space to feature a part of their culture / traditions or of a culture they learned about. All kids are invited to pick up a Douglas “passport” at the event and get it “stamped” at every table when they find the scavenger item.

Kids will perform dances, martial arts and music from around the world on the stage.   

Visitors can wear typical attire if desired.   This is a great way to learn more about our different cultures and traditions and connect with families in our community.  

Visitors and ambassadors) can bring finger food or desserts to share if they want. 

Entrance Fee will be $5 per family.   


Do you have a dance, music or skit from a culture (incl. USA) that you would like to share together with your friends or dance/music group (from Douglas or not) on stage?    Or would a parent want to choreograph a dance for a group of kids? See the info page and sign-up via the sign-up button above ideally by February 1.

Emcees / Announcers: 

Attention Douglas 6th graders : Sign-up now using the sign-up button above (latest by February 1)  to be an emcee. – Introducing all the performances on the Douglas stage! Check out the detailed information .

Ambassadors : 

Would you like to share your knowledge about a country,  a culture or a tradition (incl from USA!)? Whether it is your own or your family’s home country, or just a country or tradition you learned about (from school, girls/boys scouts, vacation …), families or kids (with adult supervision) can host a table, small or big.   You could show things you created at school eg for exhibition, or something you have, or you could teach other kids a dance or a game… Check out the detailed information and sign-up via the sign-up button above.  


We will need lots of volunteers on the day itself and a few the day before.   A link to sign-up genius will be provided closer to the event. You can already provide your name via the sign-up button above.


Enjoy the favorite international recipes from our table hosts from previous years !

For comments or more information about any of the above, please contact the Festival of Cultures coordinator at festivalofcultures@douglasschoolpto.org.  


In 1998, the Festival of Cultures was founded by Akiko Sensei,  our late Douglas Japanese teacher, to celebrate the Japanese program at Douglas. It was called Cultural Eve. A couple of years later it became a joint event between Conant and Douglas schools to celebrate cultural diversity, held in either of the school’s cafeterias. The event had grown so much that it needed to move to the Junior High to accommodate the families, typically 500+ people attend!   After many successful years we ended our combined celebration of cultural diversity with Conant school and organized it back at Douglas for the Douglas community in 2019.

It’s a very colorful event, since not only many ambassadors and performers but also several visitors wear traditional clothing.  It’s amazing to see our kids being proud to share their culture or a culture they learned about, and all kids seeing the beauty of cultural diversity…   Come join !

See beautiful photos from 2019, 20182017 and  2016.

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