Volunteer Resources

All volunteers must have a valid CORI form on file. Any adult who will come into contact with children at school events (computer lab, Douglas Day, field trips, etc.) must have a valid CORI form on file with the district office. (Criminal Offender Record Investigation.) CORI checks are mandated by the state for the protection of your children. We recommend that both parents/guardians submit CORI forms. Each person submitting a CORI form must turn in the completed form to the Douglas office (in person) and show a photo ID(e.g., driver's license or passport), which the office will copy to submit with your form. CORI forms are available in the Douglas office.

CORI forms only need to be filed once in the Acton-Boxborough schools; if you have a child at another school, you only need to file one form. All CORIs submitted prior to January 1, 2015 expired on June 30, 2015. CORIs in the entire school district need to be done again at the start of each three-year cycle. (CORIs submitted now will be valid at all schools in the district until June 30, 2018; CORIs filed in 2015-2018 all expire in 2018.)

Event coordinators

Here are some resources you may find handy when planning your activities.  We don't have a PTO account for any of these services - you can create an account for your activity.

SignUp.com - great for creating signup sheets so volunteers can sign up online and get automated reminders as your event approaches. 

SignUpGenius.com - another way to organize volunteers and sign-ups for people to contribute items for an event.

Doodle.com - handy scheduling tool. You can propose dates and times for meetings, and easily track which date(s) work best for people.