Cultural Enrichment

Each year, the PTO’s Cultural Enrichment committee treats Douglas students to entertaining educational programs. If your children come home with stories of a bicycle-powered rock band, an African storyteller, or meeting a famous author, there’s a good chance they’re talking about Cultural Enrichment. Snack Cart funds pay for this program, with the balance paid from Annual Giving Campaign funds.

The Cultural Enrichment co-chairs focus on two types of programs: grade-specific, and all-school. For the grade-specific programs, they work with teachers to schedule one performance per grade. Teachers choose curriculum-based or age-specific programs.

Recent highlights:

All students:

  • Bubbleology. Keith Johnson shared how amazing science is, how bubbles work, and what we can do with them. Did you realize that bubbles can help teach liquids, solids, gases, geometry, history, tension, pressure, and soap films--and that bubbles relate directly to the curriculum of K-6 students?
  • Residency with Gallery of African Art and Crocodile River Music. A unique African music and art residency was held at Douglas last Spring. Our lobby was adorned with a beautiful display from the Gallery's collection including masks, jewelry, and sculptures. Every child at Douglas was part of a hands-on drumming lesson by Master Djembe Drummer, Issa Coulibaly. The residency culminated in an all school performance "Trinidad to Timbuktu" with Coulibaly and the famed percussionist, Balla Kouyate, who played his ancient, UNESCO-protected Ballaphone. 
  • ImprovBoston visited our students last fall with their show "Lessons of Improv." The kids participated in the improv theater and learned that cooperating, communication, critical thinking and creativity are super important skills. They applied these concepts brilliantly and hilariously on stage with the actors! 
  • David Zucker and his Poetry in Motion performance. The children saw poems performed that made them laugh, think, and wonder. Throughout his interactive performance, Mr. Zucker truly engaged the children and encouraged everyone to use their imagination.
  • Kindergarten/Grade 1: John McDonough of the Pumpernickel Puppets performed a humorous adaptation of the fairy tale Sir George and the Dragon, followed by a behind the scenes demonstration with various types of puppets.
  • Grade 2: African Storyteller Valerie Tutson presented humorous and inspirational Kenyan folktales.
  • Grade 3: Renowned children’s author and illustrator Ralph Masiello tells stories about his life as an author, and demonstrates drawing techniques.
  • Grade 4: James Bruchac, award-winning Native American author, storyteller, and wilderness guide, gives a performance linked to the 4th Grade Native American curriculum.
  • Grade 5: Isaiah Thomas, a Patriot Printer, visited the fifth graders in May. Besides being an American newspaper publisher and author, the children learned that Isaiah Thomas performed the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence in Worcester, and reported the first account of the Battles of Lexington and Concord as well as many other interesting facts of history at that time happening right near Acton.
  • Grade 6: An “Art Quest” program teaches students about Greek and Roman art.

Cultural Enrichment also provides entertainment each year on Douglas Day.

We hope your kids enjoy and are inspired by these programs. Please keep donating snacks to Snack Cart, and send your kids in with quarters on Thursdays!