Post Office

Use the "Douglas Post Office" to send mail to your child at school. The school post office is a terrific way for the entire Douglas community (parents, children, teachers, and staff) to write and send letters via the Douglas School mailbox, which is located in the school lobby. Each week, sixth graders perform the job of postal workers by sorting and delivering the mail to all classrooms. The post office is a fun learning opportunity for all students as it enhances writing skills and promotes networking. 

Please remember to provide a “stamp” on all letters. Stamps can be stickers or can be drawn onto the envelope. Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters are highly encouraged to write to the students at school. Please send your letters, cards, postcards, etc. by dropping them in the lobby mailbox or via the US mail service. (Please do not send party invitations via the school post office.)

The complete Douglas school address format is:

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Douglas School
21 Elm St
Acton, MA 01720