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Beginning in early October, Snack Cart is open every Thursday morning between 9:30–10:45am on the early schedule and between 10:15–11:30am on the late schedule. Students come to the lobby to buy snacks to help keep them energized. Snacks are donated by families on a rotating schedule. Each class is asked to donate periodically; the schedule will be posted here (for the whole year) and in the Eagle Eye Weekly for the coming week. Teams of parent volunteers oversee the snack sale. Snacks cost $0.25 each, and students may choose up to two snacks. Snack Cart profits fund Cultural Enrichment programs offered during the school year to all students. What kind of snacks do you sell/should I donate? Snacks are donated by parents from each class on a rotating basis. When it is your turn to donate, you will be asked to send in 24 homemade or purchased food items. We encourage parents to donate healthy snacks, for example, fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks, 100% fruit juice boxes, milk boxes, popcorn, pretzels, mini bagels, small cereal boxes, fresh baked goods (no nuts please), such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, breads. Please do not send snacks containing peanuts or tree nuts for Snack Cart to ensure the safety of children with nut allergies. Please check ingredients carefully, and especially scrutinize granola bars, cookies, and cereal mixes (Chex Mix) because they often have nut ingredients. We welcome parents to bring in "safe snack boxes" filled with acceptable snacks for students with allergies. Please label the box with your child's name and classroom teacher and instruct your child to ask the volunteers for their box when they go to Snack Cart. Popcorn We offer popcorn twice a month (1st and 3rd Thursdays) for $0.50 for a small bag, $0.75 for a large bag. The popcorn is guaranteed to be nut-free and is popped with only salt and canola oil.

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