March Reading Challenge 2017

Extra, Extra, Read All ~Abot~ it! The March Reading Challenge 2017

"The March Reading Challenge - "Reboot Your Reading" - will begin March 1!!  Students are encouraged to read every day in March above and beyond their assigned classroom reading. All those minutes will add up - as Bits and Bytes - as we read up to a GIGABYTE! At the end of the challenge, there will be a special celebration of our reading accomplishments. What will it be this year?

You can submit the minutes your child/ren have read (e-readers are fine), were read to, or listened to audiobooks either via the electronic link Dr. Whitbeck will send home each week, or by sending in a paper reading log each Monday. The electronic version is preferred for easier tallying. Check out the lobby to track our progress!

Each week, we will honor four individual "Reader Bots" who individually read the most minutes (two from grades K-2 and two from grades 3-6). Additionally, the two classrooms submitting the most minutes read will receive an extra recess (one from grades K-2 and one from grades 3-6). Thank you for participating in this fun literacy/STEM event!

Week 1 Reading Log