Sending Communications

Sending Email to a Teacher

To send email to your child’s teacher, go to the Staff Page and click the teacher’s name.

Sending Email to the Community

Each Sunday, the PTO sends an email to the Douglas Community (the “Eagle Eye Weekly”). This has proven to be an effective way to get information to the Douglas population without having to create and distribute unnecessary paper flyers. Flyers are still welcome and in many cases necessary. When possible, however, we encourage you to use the Eagle Eye Weekly to communicate with the school about your activity or event.

Create your email message (in a Word document or the body of an email) making sure to include the date and time of the event, details necessary for participating in the event, and a contact name and email address (plus phone number if you’d like). Please make your message clear and concise. The Eagle Eye messages are for brief news and volunteer requests only. For space considerations, it’s possible we will edit your message and/or link to the original version on the PTO web site.

Get approvals for your message by sending it to and From there, they will get approval from Dr Whitbeck and Sharen Crooks.

The DEADLINE for all submissions each week is Thursday morning. For topics of a timely nature, it is important to submit your message well in advance of the event. If your announcement is pertinent to an early Monday morning activity, it should be announced two Sundays prior to the relevant date and followed by a reminder the Sunday before the actual Monday date.

The first time your message appears in the Eagle Eye Weekly, it will appear under Announcements. If you would like your message repeated in subsequent weeks, it will be placed under Reminders, as well as posted on the web. Calls for volunteers will typically appear under Volunteers. If there are any details to be added at this point, please send them to and If there are material changes to the message, it can be moved back to the Announcements.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the cochairs. Many thanks for your cooperation!