Safe Arrival/Absence Notification

The Douglas PTO provides a Safe Arrival service for the school. This service ensures that every student is accounted for each school day.

Parents must call the Safe Arrival hotline OR submit the form below every time their child will be late or absent from school. Every morning, a volunteer checks the Safe Arrival messages with the classroom attendance reports. If a child is absent and a message hasn’t been received, the volunteer will use the emergency cards to call every contact until the child is found safely.

Please remember to either call the hotline at 978-266-2560 or submit the form below.

The safety of your child is very important to us.

  • Please tell us what date your child will be absent.
  • If the absence will span more than one date, this is the end date. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS DATE IS NOT EARLIER THAN THE START DATE, or your submission will not be recognized. (This may happen if you're submitting something for a future date.)
  • Please enter the first and last name of the child who will be out of school today.
  • Please let us know which class your child is in.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The Safe Arrival/Absence form is disabled between 9AM and 4PM daily. Please return to the form later today for your submission.