Volunteer Guidelines

Dear PTO Volunteer,

Thank you so much for volunteering your time and expertise in enriching the educational life of the Douglas students and community.

Here’s some helpful information:

A quick summary of the highlights:

Announcements for Eagle Eye Weekly (weekly email): These are brief blurbs to be sent out in Sunday’s Eagle Eye Weekly. Please get the announcement approved by the Technology Secretaries and the PTO co-chairs by Thursday of that week; they will get approval from the Douglas office.

Flyer: Contact the PTO co-chairs before drafting a flyer. Once the flyer is drafted, send it to the PTO co-chairs, who will get office approval. After the flyer is approved, make copies by Friday and tell office staff that you have a flyer to go home. The office either will put them in the teachers’ mailboxes or will ask you to do it.  Flyers go out on Mondays.

PTO Web Site: To update information about your event on this web site, ask for your upcoming event to be highlighted on the home page, or add flyers or forms, send email to the webmasters and PTO co-chairs.

Article for the Douglas Digest: To submit ideas or articles for a Douglas Digest Spotlight, send email to the PTO co-chairs.

Please use the tax exempt form when purchasing anything for the PTO.

This page covers most, but not all, the information. Please take a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with the material.  We hope it will save you time in the long run!

If you have any questions/comments, please don’t hesitate to email either PTO co-chair.


PTO Co-chairs