Collecting Money and Making a Fundraiser Deposit

When you publicize your event or activity, please let parents know to make the check to “Douglas School PTO,” and say what the money is for on the memo line of the check. Ask parents to send event money directly to the event coordinator by putting your name on the envelope. Let the office know who to send envelopes to, in case the parents just put the name of the event on the envelope.

Once all the money is collected, fill out the paperwork, and get the collected money and form to the Assistant Treasurer, who will make the deposit and record the income for the budget. (Details below.)

What do you do with the checks and cash received?

The fundraiser chair should total all fundraiser income. Document the totals for the cash and checks on the Fundraiser Income Report and submit the report and the income to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will recount and deposit the money; any discrepancies between the Fundraiser Income Report and what was deposited will be investigated. Note that fundraisers that generate large coin only deposits, such as snack cart, ice cream social, and purposeful change, will be exempt from this double counting policy. These deposits are machine counted by the bank.

  • Keep track of all money that you send in for deposit to the Treasurer (Andrew Chase), bundled with a clear description of what budget account (your fundraiser) to credit the money to. Use the Fundraiser Income Report.
  • Whenever possible, submit all money in one lump sum.
  • Keep track of all your deposits and expenses, and record what you think the fundraiser made, so that you can compare notes with the Treasurer.
  • Please remove any staples from checks before submitting them.
  • Be sure each check has your fundraiser listed in the memo section. It is a good idea to create a listing of either individual checks or groups of checks that you submit for your own records along with the expenses.
  • Contact the Treasurer (Andrew Chase) to arrange the transfer of the checks/cash to her. It is okay to leave checks (not cash) in the Treasurer’s mailbox in the school office. If you do leave any money for deposit at school, please send him an email so he knows it is there.