Requesting Expense Reimbursements

Submit all expense reimbursements using the Expense Reimbursement/Check Request Form, and return the form to the Treasurer (Kimberly Kuhn) along with receipts. Be sure to make a copy of all receipts prior to submitting them. If you are acting on behalf of one of the PTO committees, please also notify your committee chair, as they are tracking their total expenses.

Leave the reimbursement form and receipts in the Treasurer’s mailbox at the Douglas office. Please allow the Treasurer up to 30 days from the date of submission to send a reimbursement check.

NOTE: Douglas School PTO is a Massachusetts sales tax exempt organization and cannot reimburse for sales tax on your expenses. Please present the sales tax exempt certificate when making purchases to avoid paying sales tax. Many of the local vendors have our certificate on file and will not charge sales tax when you tell them the items are for Douglas School. If the purchase is large, please contact Andrew for a ST-5 Form to be presented along with the tax exempt certificate.