Committee Chairs

PTO Committee Chairs for 2020-2021

Birthday Board

Emily Richmond

Book Fair

Canobie Lake Park

Community Talent Shows

Cultural Enrichment–PTO Board

Emily Richmond
Jana Cataldo

Kim Beaulieu

Douglas Day

Looking for a new coordinator

Douglas Digest Editor–PTO Board

Jill Maxwell

Douglas Directory

Ashley Cook

Eagle Shopping Rewards

Caitlin Ryan
Katherine Lee

Faculty Appreciation Luncheon

Kaarin Jeanson (Fall)
Looking for a spring coordinator

Gardening Committee–PTO Board

Hayley Reynolds


Health & Safety–PTO Board

Stephanie Krantz

Hospitality & Baking–PTO Board

Claire Draper

Ice Cream Social

Claire Draper
Karen Murray

International Festival of Cultures

Carol Buysse DeSchepper

International Representative

Looking for a new coordinator

Kindergarten Screening


Kindergarten Tour Greeters

Looking for a new coordinator

Lost and Found

Ashley Cook

Lowell Spinners

Memorial Day Program

Peter Broggi

March Reading Challenge

Sasha Opel

Nature Walk

Judith Andrade

Newcomer Welcoming

Ashley Cook


Wendy Curtis

Safe Arrival

Cydney Cotter

School Pictures

Megan Kivela

School Store

School Supplies

Stephanie Krantz

School Calendar

Stephanie Krantz

Snack Program–PTO Board

Tina Leonard
Megan Kivela


Julie Schwartz

Spring Social and Auction

Technology Secretary–PTO Board

Treasurer, Assistant–PTO Board

Carol Bussye DeSchepper

Veterans Day Celebration

Jill Maxwell

Volunteer Coordinator–PTO Board

Webmaster, PTO–PTO Board

Holly Fitzgerald
Sandy Wellinghoff