Ice Cream Social and Cake Walk (October)

Douglas School transforms into a carnival one evening each fall as Douglas families enjoy ice cream sundaes, pizza, the famous Douglas cake walk, games, and prizes.

Tickets will be available in advance as well as the night of the event.

*Parents must stay and enjoy the social with their children; no drop-offs allowed.

Douglas Ice Cream Social Facts

Why do I need to bring quarters?
Children should bring quarters to participate in the cake walk.  Similar to musical chairs, kids will walk around a numbered circle while music plays. When the music stops, a number is randomly picked and the child on that number wins a sticker. They can then go trade the sticker for a cake in the cake room.

Can my child participate in the cake walk if they are not in grades K-6?
YES! Everyone is welcomed to participate and win a cake as long as they pay their quarter to play.

How many cakes should I bring?
We suggest bringing 1 cake per person in your family that plans to participate.

How many times can my child win a cake?
They can play multiple times, however, we limit winning a cake to 1 per child. We have a lot of children come through and want to make sure we give as many chances to win as possible.

Why should I pre-buy my pizza and ice cream tickets? 
Pre-buying will allow you to skip the front door line and allow us to plan food better. You can always buy more food and drinks the night of.

What happens if my child doesn’t win a cake? 
If your child does not win a cake and is done participating in the cake walk they can ask for a cupcake sticker at the cake walk and go to the front desk to redeem it.

Is the Ice Cream Social allergy friendly? 
We do our best to accommodate allergies. We order cheese pizza from DiCapri and New London and we serve sorbet as well as vanilla ice cream. We have a special section in the cake room for allergy friendly cakes. If you win and your child has an allergy please let the cake room volunteers know. We also save all ingredient lists for cupcakes, ice cream toppings etc so please feel free to ask for them to double check.

Other Helpful Information

Parking at Douglas is limited. Please be mindful when parking on the side streets and follow the same parking rules as during the school day.

The Ice Cream Social is at night and there are not many street lights. Please remember this is a kids event and there may be little feet running through the parking lots and streets as you are driving. Drive carefully and slowly!

All children must be accompanied by an adult. If you have an older child you can be in the building volunteering and not by their side as long as they are being respectful of the rules.

No children will be allowed outside for any reason. The garden and playgrounds are strictly off limits!

Each game has prizes; every child gets a prize win or lose. At some point during the night you may be asked to hold all of your child’s goodies. A small bag may be a good idea.

Cakes can be store bought or homemade, but please attach a list of ingredients.