Scrip Giftback Program

Spring 2017 orders due by Thurs., March 9.

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. The program is so easy to use and is a great way to help Douglas while doing the shopping you do anyway. When you purchase Scrip you are purchasing gift cards. You use the gift cards as gifts, or for yourself to purchase everyday items like food and clothing. Purchase gift cards for places where you plan to shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit. There are over 100 retailers involved in this program including Gap, iTunes, Blockbuster, and Roche Brothers.

This program runs at no cost to you, all you do is buy gift cards (at face value) to places you already shop and the school benefits. You can place your orders at your convenience using your home computer. Even friends and family can participate, all to benefit our school! As an example, if you purchase a single $25 gift card from Gap, 14% of your purchase price ($3.50) will go directly to Douglas. This really adds up! Order forms are available here with a partial list of available retailers, but we encourage you to go directly to the scrip website and click on the “Shop” tab to view all that is available.

Register online

To participate in this program online, register:

  • Go to
  • Click the green “Family Sign Up” box to create an account.
  • Complete the registration form and security questions, and join with Douglas’ enrollment code: D8E3C1A86841

Once you have registered with ShopWithScrip, you are ready to order from home — from any of the merchants available from Great Lakes Scrip. We collect these orders and place them once/month.

Payment options

When you order online with ShopWithScrip, you have two payment options:

  • By check: Send in a check to school, made out to Douglas PTO, in an envelope labeled “Scrip.”
  • PrestoPay allows you to register your checking account with Great Lakes Scrip. The registration process takes about 2 business days for the bank to verify your information when you register for the first time. The money will then be securely deducted from your checking account. There is a $0.15 processing fee per order. And each time you order, you can choose whether to pay with PrestoPay or by check.Once you enroll in Presto Pay, you are eligible for two other programs — these programs are not part of the monthly orders. (They work even in the summer!)
  • ScripNow: The newest and fastest way to purchase Scrip — you can order, pay for, and print eCards for various retailers and use them within minutes. This option is only available at
  • Reload select cards: You can reload select retailers’ cards that you purchased via Scrip. Register your name and card number on under the Reload option. If you pay with the PrestoPay option, your funds are added to the card overnight.

These new options allow you to have Scrip more readily available, and also allow family and friends who do not live in the area the opportunity to participate and have their cards available quickly, all for the benefit of our school!

Traditional paper order forms

Of course you may still print an order form, fill it in and send it in to school with your check — you do not have to enroll online if you prefer not to. If you do not have access to a computer/printer, contact the Scrip team ( who will get an order form to you.

Spring 2017 orders due by Thurs., March 9.

Summary of options

  • Online order/check: Order online with your Scrip Family Account, and send a check via backpack (check made out to Douglas PTO; envelope addressed to “Scrip”). Receive cards via backpack.
  • Online order/online payment: Order online with your Scrip Family Account, and pay online via Presto Pay. Receive cards via backpack.
  • ScripNow eCard: For participating vendors, order eCards online via Scrip Now, pay with Presto Pay. Print your eCards and use within minutes.
  • Reload cards for tomorrow: For participating vendors and cards you have previously purchased via Scrip, reload online with Presto Pay. New card balance is activated overnight.
  • Order with paper form/check: Print the form, fill in your order, and write a check. Send to the office c/o Scrip. Receive cards via backpack.

The Scrip team will place orders in timely intervals which can be found on the calendar. If you use ScripNow eCards or reload cards with Presto Pay, you are all set and can start shopping immediately. The regular cards will arrive and be distributed via backpack based on dates on the calendar. If you have a large order (over $500) we can look at getting this order delivered at your convenience if one of the scheduled distribution dates doesn’t work for you.